Dahl Design DDC Manual

Welcome to the manual!

Here you'll find the information you'll need to start using DDC for your controller. It is written av a step-by-step guide, from #1 to #4, where #4 is optional.

To look at what's in development, send requests and bug rapports, go to the issues page on GitHub.

The topics that naturally fall into the manual for the Dashboard, LED plugin and Properties Plugin will not be covered here.

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DDC is not for commercial use.

More content

Four repositories on GitHub hold the complete Dahl Design software quadfecta, with particular attention to iRacing support.

A plugin for SimHub, adding a massive amount of properties for iRacing; which the Dahl Design Dashboard is built upon. The plugin also offers customization options for the dashboard, a menu for the LED plugin and interaction with DDC controllers.

A plugin for SimHub, controling adressable RBG LEDs for DahlDesign hardware. Car specific animations are pre-made for all supported cars, using calculations made by the properties plugin - offering animations not possible to make through SimHub's built-in RGB editor.

The universial iRacing dashboard, packed with useful features.

The universial controller builder. Offers advanced features that are not available in SimHub or FreeJoy controller builders. Ever growing support for new types of switches and setups. Communicates with SimHub through the properties plugin, giving you all relevant info from your controller in your dashboard.

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